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Many clinicians think about moving into administrative positions.  This is sometimes due to the frustrations of clinical practice, and also the realization that administrators without a clinical background are better suited to impose cost reductions rather than quality improvement.

A number of my friends have gotten MBAs, but it’s not clear that most of them have really changed what they’re doing.  In Physicians in the C-Suite Dr John Ferry MD MBA and coauthor and offer suggestions on how physicians can gain administrative expertise.

Hospitals are looking
for a new kind of
leader, but are
today’s docs ready?
By John Denson and John Ferry, M.D.

This reminds me of one of my attendings from my anesthesia residency at U Virginia.  Ed Miller (MD; no MBA) recently retired as Dean of Johns Hopkins Medical School and CEO of Hopkins Medicine, after a successful 16 year reign (most Deans last but a few years).  I had a chance to hear him give Grand Rounds at U Pennsylvania recently, and echoed many of the points in the article.  Indeed, he was instrumental in setting up the Armstrong Center for Patient Safety at Hopkins


The renaissance dean
Edward Miller, the first dean/CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine, will step down in June 2012 after the new clinical buildings open. As the search for his successor begins, Miller and others have started to reflect about his transformational time at the helm as well as about some of the leadership qualities required to steer a billion-dollar organization.


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