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An article in Anesthesiology News declares “Anesthesiologists Sometimes Fall Short of Team Needs: Report.”  It summarizes an abstract from England, which surveyed members of the perioperative team over which characteristics are most important for anesthesiologists to be effective team members.

Anesthesiology News quotes:

But the disconnect can go both ways, Dr. Petsas noted. For example, surgeons rated efficiency as quite important in an anesthesiologist, whereas anesthesiologists ranked it as significantly less important than other qualities, such as competency. This difference in perception is not a huge surprise, she said, because surgeons often are under pressure to complete cases quickly, which can lead to errors. “Anesthesiologists can educate surgeons about that,” she said. “It is not just about speed; it is about quality.”

Just because surgeons want something, does that mean it’s best for the patient?  I think our role in safety and competence is crucial to best outcomes – for patients, surgeons, and the institution.

I’m reminded of the Rolling Stones song:

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