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Bobbie Jean Sweitzer, MD
Dr. Bobbie Jean Sweitzer from Northwestern is an expert in preoperative assessment. She will address anemia and its management.
Lecture: Perioperative Anemia: Risk Prediction, Assessment, and Treatment
Glenn Murphy, MD
Dr. Glenn Murphy from the University of Chicago and NorthShore Health will describe the link between new advances in neuromuscular blockade and patient safety.
Lecture: New Advances in Monitoring and Reversal of Neuromuscular Blockade, and Patient Safety
Guy Weinberg, MD
Dr. Guy Weinberg from the University of Illinois in Chicago developed lipid therapy rescue for local anesthetic toxicity.
Lecture: Local Anesthetic Toxicity: What You Need to Know
Meghan Lane-Fall, MD, MSHP, FCCM
Dr. Meghan Lane-Fall from University of Pennsylania will talk about mobilizing for COVID-19 care including airway management.
Lecture: Mobilizing for COVID-19 Care
Meeting your education needs in the new environment
As you begin to reopen your anesthesia practices, we know there is a strong desire for CME to address the challenges that you will encounter. After all, patients continue to have COPD, children need surgery, women experience challenging labor, and heart surgery continues. We must be prepared to deal with all of these.


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