Anesthesia Camp Rancho Mirage

The Ritz-Carlton

March 30-April 01, 2017

Meeting Brochure

Join us for Anesthesia Camp in serene and scenic Rancho Mirage (Palm Springs, CA)!

Come enjoy expert delivery of cutting-edge topics in anesthesia from our esteemed faculty. While you're at it, enjoy the breathtaking Rancho Mirage!

Rancho Mirage, nestled between Cathedral City and Palm Desert, has cemented a solid reputation as the preferred 5-star luxury destination for those seeking top-of-the-range relaxation. You can expect to sample some of the finest golf courses on the continent, luxurious spas and first class dining experiences right in this Palm Springs oasis.

The Ritz-Carlton Rancho Mirage is the perfect environment for our meeting, providing unparalleled service and catering to those who seek a grander level of relaxation and luxury. It is the only 5-star hotel in Rancho Mirage.


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