CE Credits for Anesthesia Camp Enduring Materials

Nurse anesthetists can claim CE credits for Anesthesia Camp Enduring Materials, directly through the AANA. Here is the process:

To submit as Class A Credits, CRNAs would follow these instructions:

• Go to www.aana.com/ceportal via Google, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

• Click on the purple box, “CE Portal.”

• Log in as a member and choose the Non-Prior Individual Application.

• Fill out all the required information and attach the requested documents.

• One application per program is required.

• There is a $50.00 processing fee per application.

Note that for enduring programs, evidence of a passing score on the post-test of at least 80% is required.

If you have questions regarding Class A credits, contact continuingeducation@aana.com.

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